Blessings and light spotting at 6wks 5days

Chelsea • 👼👼 👼October 2018 •September 2019• May 2020

Hello everyone! We were suppose to go in for our first appointment tomorrow. I had already gotten a sub and let my students know I wouldn’t be there. Last night I had some light brown spotting and a weird contraction in my lower left abdomen. It didn’t cause me any worry I had read a lot about this. Well today about 10:50 I went to the bathroom and there was light pink blood. (Pictures below) And I immediately called my husband and told him I was leaving work and going to the doctor to meet me there. I was certain that this was another M/c. I was so sad and trying to prepare myself. We waited for the dr to fit us in for about 2 hours. When we went back my heart was racing I was upset and disappointed in my body. The nurse and doctor came in and congratulated us. I solemnly thanked them and laid back on the table. Y’all! When he said do you see that flicker? That’s the heart beat. I immediately started crying. We have never been able to see a heart beat before. I sobbed ARE YOU SURE!! And as I watched the screen a little flicker was steadily beating. I couldn’t contain my relief and tears. He then showed me the reason for the bleeding was a very common (1in3) subchronic hematoma. He said the blood vessels leading to the uterus sometimes bust and cause this little blood sac to get caught in between the placenta and uterus. It usually is absolved back into the blood stream but sometimes a little bit can get pushed out of the uterus causing spotting. I can’t stop smiling and tearing up. I really can’t believe that this might be real! Heads up! When I asked if I would be getting hcg levels drawn he said that he doesn’t look at it after he sees a heartbeat because it fluctuates so much🤷‍♀️ guess I can stop peeing on a stick lol