Please read need advice 😭

I’m currently in a relationship that i’ve been in for a year and 4 months. the past few weeks i’ve felt like it’s going to end yet sometimes when we argue i end up just giving it up. i don’t fight anymore. i just sit there and taking every word, mean or not, that comes out of his mouth. i love him but i feel like it’s destined to fail and he makes me cry at least once a week. i love him with all of my heart though. part of me takes it because i love him and i partly take it because i know i want a life and a family. i know i can have it with him. i just don’t know how to fix our relationship. he’s so set in his ways and always turns everything around on me. what do i do? 😭😭 when i try to talk to him and just tell him how he’s making me feel he gets mad at me and yells.