Baby’s position

Giovanna • 👶🏻👼🏻👼🏻💔🤰🏻🌈due 12/13/19!💕

So I know this maybe a dumb question because the baby will do what she wants...but are there and tricks or tips for trying to change the baby’s position in the uterus? I’m almost 28 weeks and just had a growth ultrasound today and they told me that she’s laying side ways and in order for me to have a vaginal birth she obviously needs to be head down. Now I know I still have some time but I need her to change positions ASAP lol. 4 weeks ago she was head down and she’s been sideways for awhile now I only know this because when she stretches I feel her on both sides of me instead of top to bottom lol. Anyways here’s my ultrasound from today 😊 she had her foot by her head and then chewing on her fist. They’re not the clearest because her position but what can I do lol