Please read

My ex and I got pregnant and broke up after finding out he cheated on me with his ex.... who he’s now with again after she lied and said she was pregnant (this was before i found out i was). She can’t seem to accept the fact that we are actually having a baby and has gone as far as trying to convince him to be mean to me to stress me out so that I miscarry the baby.

Well today she started her crazy antics and I reminded the father that if he doesn’t want to be involved.. I’m not forcing him to, and if he wants to be involved he’s more than welcomed to.

Apparently they were together when I texted him that and it triggered her. He very much wants to be involved with the baby but she constantly tries to bad mouth me to convince him otherwise.

She took it upon herself to call me asking why I’m texting him. I told her and I asked her what her issue is. She started to get crazy disrespecting me talking about fighting me saying she’ll come fight me right then am there.

I told her I’m not fighting her crazy ass especially when I’m pregnant.

Does she care? No. Does she care that it’s her boyfriend’s baby she’d be hurting? No. Because she’s crazy.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want the baby around her at allllll but I very much so want the dad to be! She’s crazy and is willing to hurt my child. I don’t know what to do.

For background info, they broke up way before I got pregnant. When she found out he moved on (me) she started trying to get his attention again... whether it’s a sudden asthma attack or a car accident.. she always made an excuse to call him. One day when I was at work he cheated on me. He came to my job after and told me and begged for me to stay with him. 3 days later she said she’s pregnant (lying ass.. 3 days??? And she was smoking and drinkjng like there’s no tomorrow!! Never went to a prenatal appt or anything) so when I found that out I was like ok I’m out. Not dealing with that drama. 2 weeks later I find out I’m pregnant. I told them both I’d get an abortion (she called me at 4am being manipulative acting like we gotta stick together as women). I went to the clinic and everything... no way in hell I could do it. That’s my little baby! Dad or no sad I’m keeping this sweet baby. I told him I’m keeping it and told him he can be as involved as he wants. And he very much does. She just can’t accept it. She talks about me to him every day trying to tarnish my character, tells him to be mean so I miscarry, and now wants to fight me while I’m pregnant.

I want my baby to have their dad! Just not this crazy lady. Someone pls help.