I went to the doctor and was told very heart breaking news

So me and my fiancé are getting married October 5th. I had a female check up, I got very bad news. I’ve been hurting really bad I have a period every month but I never know when it’s going to end. They done a vagina ultra sound and everything looked good except my uterus lining was so thick that my uterus was almost solid. I was diagnosed with severe PCOS. My dr told me it could be very difficult for me to get pregnant on my own. Other than that I looked very healthy and didn’t have any other problems. Although we aren’t really “trying for a baby” at the moment it absolutely broke me. Here I am about to get married to a man whom I have always dreamed about, to the one I want to have baby’s of our own with. It scares me so bad that I won’t be able to give him a family. I’m so broken.‼️ my heart has never felt so empty. My dr put me on a medication to shed my uterus walls as though I was pregnant and if that doesn’t work I go back to have a d&c to have my uterus scraped. She plans on putting me back in birth control and then metformin. Has anyone in the groups who has PCOS had to take metformin and gotten pregnant? I just want to know what the chances are of me getting pregnant.