Here's my story.


I just had a chemical pregnancy last week. Just about lost my damn mind. I got a line, and then another, and then it began to fade. I knew what was happening and I also knew it was totally out of my control. Rewind to July-August I bled for an entire month, stopped for a little over a week and had another 7 day period. So god only knows how far along I was but it wouldn't have been far. Dr confirmed chemical pregnancy and I just worked the rest of the day. In tears but I'm in a call center so who can really tell right? I felt stupid for mourning something that hadn't even fully developed but after almost 3 years of trying, I had my Hope's up. Fast forward, We started clomid on the fifth day of my period this month. Dr said to start baby dancing 5 days into taking it. I'm scared. I know that it's good that I CAN get pregnant but idk if I'm prepared for another loss if it happens. What an emotional roller coaster this has already been. I see a lot of unsuccessful stories with clomid. Anyone wanna go through this with me?