I find it disgusting when


It’s extremely disgusting and annoying to me when people call infants or kids “sexy.” In my opinion it’s ignorant and inappropriate to sexualize a child.

I also don’t like it when they call them things like “lil mama/mamas” or “mommy/daddy.” I don’t like to call them names that indicate a level of maturity or responsibility meant for adults. Also, mothers endure a lot of pain and make countless sacrifices for their kids. The title of mother/mama is an important one in my mind. I wouldn’t use it as an endearment and lessen the meaning.

Whether it’s my kid or not I’m allowed to have an opinion, and I chose to voice it here. Love it or hate it idrc 🤷🏼‍♀️

I edited this since apparently a lot of people misunderstood the original post, and never read the second paragraph.