8 dpo!! Symptoms.

Matea • M. Runge🍋

1-3 dpo= nothing!

4 dpo= sharp pains in lower left abdomen off and on. One single strong cramp all across my lower abdomen during dtd that night. That was it.

5 dpo= allergies, nausea

6 dpo= same as 5 dpo

7 dpo= yellow ewcm in the morning, then yellow creamy cm the rest of the day. Cramping. Lower back pain. Bbs hurt. Not to the touch but achey in the inside, and Prickly feeling ? The ache Was uncomfortable while trying to sleep last night.

8 dpo= slight nausea, boobs def fuller, still a little achey but not near as much as last night, increased yellow creamy cm, slight cramps, allergies again.