just for fun! 😊


answer these questions about your FIRST born baby. Copy & paste the questions into the comments along with your answers:

Planned baby? no

Epidural? yes

Father in the room? yes

Induced? yes

C-Section? yes

Knew gender beforehand? yes

Due Date? April 15th 2019

Date of Arrival? April 13th 2019

Morning sickness? yeppp

Cravings? taco bell, jamaican food, & ice cream

Weight gained? 25 lbs

Place of Birth? Humber River Hospital (canada)

Hours in labour? about 10 hrs

Baby’s gender? girl

Time born? 2:52 am

Weight? 7 lbs 9 oz

Height? 21 inches

Baby’s name? Raiven

Age now? 5 months or 23 weeks

include a photo of your LO as well 😊😊