argument (sexist)

(lets start with saying i’m 16, chanel is 16, some guys are 16, others 17 and our group is what you’d consider the popular group: this is relevant in the story)

so anyways, i’m kind of confused? i don’t know whether i have the right to be upset or not but i am a little offended.

so there was an argument. me and chanel against josh, jack, jason, isaac, liam, conor, nick.

nick said something somewhat offensive about me and chanel, and all the boys jumped in and started defending us because we are “girls” and we are more fragile than a guy. that kind of made me upset because when i asked josh if he treats me differently in an argument he said “yes 100% ofc i do” and i don’t understand why? like i get it, they won’t be physical with us but we’re all best friends and i don’t think it’s fair to be treated differently. they were trying to be nice and i completely understand but even when i asked other friends (jacob, alex, luke) they agreed that guys should be nicer to us because we are their friends.

(this next part is another example for reference): so me, emily, daniella, chanel were all dressed cute and kind of revealing at school because we had a costume day. some of the girls and guys we have beef with called us hoes and our boys immediately jumped to our defence, but when girls call them fuckboys, it’s totally fine and kind of praised? moral of the story: i think it’s kinda unfair how girls are always seen as being weak and not able to handle ourselves, and guys are praised for doing what girls do ESPECIALLY when it involves sex. for instance if i had a body count of 3 and my alex had a body count of 6 he’d be praised and i’d be a hoe.

can anyone else relate? idk i don’t like being the “weaker gender” but i guess i’ll always be seen as that :/