I tried to warn her.

So in 9th grade this girl looked super lost on the first day of school. I asked her if she needed help, turned out we had all classes the same except one. But even then it was right next door to each other’s class. We got pretty close pretty quick. She told me she moved from where she used to live cause her dad got a new job.

A few months pass and she meets this dude, I tell her he’s weird but he’s sweet from what I know. They started dating but at the end of the year they call it quits.

We hung out a lot during the summer and when school started again we had 4 classes together. She started talking to the dude again and started dating him again. They broke up again midway through school. Kind of because of her. She became friends with one of his guy friends and started becoming attached. She kissed the other dude then broke up with the boyfriend that same day. I was disappointed because I didn’t think she’d cheat. Even if it was just a kiss.

I knew about this dude, he was a liar and really rude to his exes.

I warned her but told her it was her decision. They ended up dating and they stayed together. He was always accusing her of cheating and didn’t let her hang out with anyone without asking.

Well senior year comes up and I hardly went to school because my mom was in the hospital. One day I went to the mall after visiting my mom and saw her boyfriend. And I assumed the girl he was holding hands with was her. He then put his arm around her and kissed her neck. When I got closer it wasn’t. I took a picture without him noticing. When he finally did notice me he let go of the girls hand and kinda backed away.

I went to work and texted her to ride the bus home that stops near my job. She said her boyfriend said she couldn’t 🙄 so I took off work and went to the school to pick her up. I showed her the picture and told her what happened. She got mad and got out of my truck and onto her bus.

She stopped talking to me and stayed with the dude. It annoyed me because I didn’t do anything wrong but I just let her do whatever she felt like was right.

So they got married 1 year after school ended (I saw him a bunch of other times with other girls). But I stayed to myself and never tried to reach out to her again.

Well, she messaged me last night on Facebook saying shes sorry for treating me that way and that he got someone else pregnant and didn’t know what to do. I mean I feel bad for her. But I don’t know what she expects me to say or do. I haven’t responded.