What is going on?! Please read


Can y’all give me some opinions... PLEASE!

So I’m currently 4 days late, 17dpo, have super tender nipples (not breasts), some cramping every now and then and a little lower back pain.

I’ve been tracking my periods for 2 years now and have NEVER been late, or if I am, it’s by 1 day. NEVER this late.

Before my period, my typical symptoms (by the book, every single period) are: tender breasts (never nipples), I ALWAYS get a zit (don’t currently have one), and I get some mild cramping.

But... here’s the catch. I’m still testing negative?! I’m sooooo confused and driving myself INSANE trying to figure this out. I know I need to be patient and wait to see if I start but my goodness... this waiting game seems to be dragging on forever! I just wanna know if I’m pregnant!

Helppppp. Thanks in advance, ladies!