Thought it was labor😵

Cheyanne • ♠♎♠

Second time mom story time lol

So I had my first around this time, almost 38 weeks and last night, after dinner I had started to get Braxton Hicks so I decided to take a bath. All day baby girl had been active and moving around but not in the tub, which I found odd. Well I get out and start shaking which was like, holy shit dude, seeing the only time I've felt that was right before pushing with my first. Mind you my water had broken rolling out of bed with my first so these contractions are kind of a new thing for me, never really felt them at first with my first. So I call triage and they tell me to just come in seeing I went early before, get in there and they hook me up and the nurse cannot find a heartbeat for what seemed like a lifetime. My fiance and I just waited and held our breathe until finally she got it, baby was just hella low in my pelvis being a stinker. Well sit around, checks my cervix still only 2 cm after a couple hrs and baby girl starts kicking cus she hates the monitor pressing up against her 😂 ended up going home for a false alarm but would had rather been safe than sorry I guess 🤷