Last day of maternity leave!


Today is my last day of maternity leave! šŸ˜­ I am soaking up all the snuggles and crying! I am so sad about it! I hate leaving my girl. I can't do daycare drop off or pick up because of the hours that I work (I'm a nurse, 12 hour shifts) so hubby is doing that and I wish I could be there. I'm a nervous mom too! She has GERD and occasionally has small choking episodes from excessive drool and I'm worried that they won't pay enough attention to her if it happens there because of the other kids (ratio is 4 to 1). I know they are trained and we had a meet and greet with them to tell them all about her etc. Sigh! šŸ˜„ Thanks for letting me vent! Of course, hubby doesn't have a worry in the world about it, so talking to him doesn't help!