Gender Determined by U/S @ 12 Weeks!


Went to my 12 week appt @ 12W 1D with my mom and sister. Sonographer asked if we wanted her to try and see if she could determine the gender. She was doubtful that we would find anything since we are so early, but said she could try. We are planning a gender reveal, so I opted to look away from the screen so that she could show my mom and sister if she was able to see anything. The sonographer and my mom and sister were very surprised because she saw it INSTANTLY and said it was VERY clear what baby is!! Sonographer said we could come back at 16 weeks for a $50 optional U/S to verify, but she said she is pretty confident what baby is considering what she was able to see. I still don’t know what baby is but my mom and sister know, and they said it was very obvious! Very excited to find out once we have the reveal party!