He did what?


Y’all, I have to tell you about this husband of mine. Life has been rough, there’s been a lot of personal stuff going on and then today after TTC for awhile. I had a drs appointment where I was told I have PCOS and that I need to try to lose weight, cut out sugar and carbs In order to give us a better chance to conceive.

I’ll admit it. I walked out of the drs office devastated, on top of everything else going on, I was told my one thing I’ve always wanted will be a challenge to get.

I went to my husbands work upset and told him. He instantly told his boss he was leaving and he has spent the night with me comforting me over something I feel like I’m being silly for being upset over. They didn’t say I couldn’t get pregnant it will just be a harder road.

He has spent the night looking up and find recipes for us to try, even though he loves his carbs and sugar. He’s be nothing but supportive and willing to do what it takes for us to get our baby.

Yesterday I thought I couldn’t love him more after he helped me move my entire classroom to a different room in one day, and today I just fell even deeper! I’m one lucky girl.