Tomorrow morning I will be 10w's 2d's, it is the furthest I have gone since my last living birth. I have been pregnant now 6x's I'm currently pregnant with my 6th and I have had only 2 living births. My children are currently 12 and 8 years old.

My past 3 consecutive miscarriages happened due to the baby stopping developing at 6 weeks and I would finally miscarry 2-3 weeks later.

A couple of weeks ago I was seen and was surprised to see a healthy developed 8w 2d baby with 150 hb.

Tomorrow morning I will be 10w 2d I am extremely afraid and excited to see my baby. Afraid to see my baby stopped developing at 8w 2d and no hb I know that fear is not going to go away. I know that it is a normal feeling to have that fear. I am just asking if you could please pray for me and my family. I would appreciate that loving support.

Thank you