I’m still in love

Brandalynn • FMOIG:__sassyvirgo

So it’s 2am and I’m 2 days away from giving birth so obviously I can’t sleep but my husband can lol ... ok so I’m just laying here thinking WOW we’ve been together 5yrs (my longest relationship) with a lot of ups and downs.. he’s from NEW YORK and I’m from TEXAS so the moment he decided to stay here a few years ago, leave everything he’s ever known and continue our relationship only after 8mnths of knowing each other made me realize OK THIS MAN IS GONNA BE MY HUSBAND because that’s a big step to take on love .. it’s been fun times and hard times, we met when we were 22 and 23 and built a life together before turning 30. We faced a miscarriage last year and that was so heartbreaking but I had him by my side so I didn’t feel alone for a second.. and now we’re finally having a child of our own🥰

This moment feels so unreal because we’ve talked about it for the longest and now that it’s finally happening it makes me excited to see us as parents and having our own little family, this also makes me love him 1000000xs more because he gave me my first son and this only makes me so much more excited for our future together as a family because there is no faking it THIS IS REAL LOVE and the love we’ve both been looking for after so many failed relationships, he’s a Capricorn and I’m a Virgo so it’s like we were meant to be

I pray for my man and thank god for him because honestly he’s different, just what I needed and something I’ve never had before

10.12.19 is the day 💙