Just out of curiousity


Just out of curiosity. So going off of my lmp, 5th August (what I thought it was anyway) I’m 9w+3! 9 positive pregnancy test one being a digital at 5 weeks saying 2-3 weeks (that was expected). I’ve then been thinking lately that my last period was 5 days late and only lasted 2/3 days and not really that heavy (and let me tell you, I’m pretty regular and I bleed from 4-7 days a little bit like a chopped off arm). Also before my period I experienced a few pregnancy symptoms like metallic taste now and then, white dots on my actual nipples, a bit of nausea. I did test because I was late and tested after my period which were all negative. So thats what I thought however my mum just informed me that with her first 3 pregnancies she didn’t have a positive test till she was 7-8 weeks! And my Nan had all her periods with one of her babies. I was then due my next period the 2nd of sept which obviously didn’t turn up. Tested on the 6th and positive came up straight away, took another one in the morning, so dark!! My tests have started to get a slightly bit lighter now which I read happens about 12 weeks as your hormones start levelling off and all my symptoms have been gone for almost 2 weeks. What are the chances I could technically be a month further than I think?? I’m also looking about 15 weeks instead of 9 😂