Switch my rook piercing?


Hey all! I got my rook pierced a while ago.

The guy who pierced it said he would have to use a longer barbel to account for any swelling that should happen, but after 6 weeks healing time I could switch it to something smaller.

Now it has been 6 weeks, and I really want to change it because I’m not in love with what I have currently, and I want something smaller/daintier. However, my ear is still a bit sore to sleep on, and if I bend the tip of my ear it is sore. I get the occasional crusty bits from it but nothing crazy.

So my question is, would a smaller barbel help with the soreness? Or will it matter? Is it still too soon to change it? When I got my conch pierced I was told not to change it for a year, but they never said anything about swelling.

Also, any tips on changing it at home? I have managed ok with my conch piercing but I imagine a rook would be a little more tricky.

Thanks in advance! ☺️