How long?


Hi everyone. Ive posted this on various forums and probably am being super paranoid in posting this.

I have been <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> using clear blue advanced ovulation tests as well as this app. We have been trying to conceive and have been having sex the days before ovulation as well as when I am ovulating. It has been 3 months and still not pregnant. Every month I get my period feels awful.

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks so that is probably feeding my paranoia. Is it normal for it to take so long to try and still not get pregnant? I mean we have been having sex at the right times and our sex life is very active all month to begin with. Could we be having too much sex? Could there be something wrong?

I am 31 soon to be 32 and so we want to start our family now while we are still in our early 30’s. My friend had one o e-night stand and got pregnant right away so I am wondering if maybe there is something wrong with me that we have been trying 3 months and nothing.

Sorry for the long post. In my teens and early 20’ I swore up and down I didn’t want kids ever and over time wanted a family and now scared it’s never going to happen. And sorry if these are stupid questions. I guess I also kind of wanted to vent my frustration and fears in a way.

Thank you all!