TTC for Baby #1 🤰🏼💜💙

Brittany • Happily, Sanely, and Peacefully in love & engaged to the love of my life 💍 TTC Baby #1 💜💙

Hello Glow Family,

My fiancé and I have been together for 2 Years, and we’ve decided to start trying for baby #1. We’re so excited, yet so scared at the same time for this life changing endeavor we’re about to go on. We decided to go with the “Sperm meets egg method” this cycle. We start trying TOMORROW! We have our OPK, and we’re ready to BD our way to a BFP! Sprinkling baby dust to all you lovely ladies trying to conceive, and congratulating all the mamas to be on their BFP. 💜💙

Side note: My mama been telling me for as long as my fiancé and I have been together that she “knows” I’m going to have twins. This really freaks me out, I’m a teeny tiny girl and idk if my body can handle twins. AND let me not forget to mention, my fiancé’s MOM was a twin! This makes the chances of US really having twins so much higher. Any teeny tiny ladies out there who went through a twin/ or multiples pregnancy, please share your stories and experiences with me. I would love to hear them. Needless to say, twins/multiples are a huge blessing and we would be ecstatic!

I’m new here, ready to make friends with all you wonderful women.

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