Diaper party rant!

So due to me having a bad skin condition and suffering through it as a baby due to extreme sensitive skin I requested pampers and pampers pure extra sensitive diapers...Saturday was my diaper party and everyone bought pampers as I requested EXCEPT all of my fiancé family (patents&all his multiple siblings) I know that they did it on purpose due to them laughing and making jokes about it all night.Me trying to stay calm and not stress out due to the baby I sealed my lips but I was beyond and still am furious! They feel that I need to use everything my fiancé sister uses for her kids same diaper brand same monitor same bottle brand etc and Iam fed up! Advice please! On top of it another thing that annoys me that probably shouldn’t but it does is anytime I post on social media about the baby or pregnancy none not a single one of them like or comment on them yet they do on his sisters who’s currently pregnant yet again with her 4 Th kid and this is my first