Corrine • 😍Momma to my favorite little boy😍

We have 1 amazing son. He is just turned 15 months old yesterday(I normally say 1 but it is kind of important to see the spacing). We tried so hard to conceive him... However we had decided we did not want another child for a long time, if ever. Well I haven't been feeling well and I decided to take a test this morning(to put in perspective my attitude, my fiance lost his job yesterday) to calm my nerves... That didn't work because it was positive. We went and I took a second test at the pregnancy center where they confirmed my pregnancy. So here comes baby #2...

We are in need of a cute announcement idea. We are either waiting until Thanksgiving or Christmas. We might split some of the family so if you have any ideas I'm open to them.

Picture of my 1 year old attached for attention