⚠️ Rant Warning ⚠️


I’m so fucking tired! It’s been go go go with the twins (almost 13 months old) today and we didn’t even leave the house. This morning one had gotten his diaper off and pooped before he did so. Luckily it was all contained and there was minimal clean up. The other twin has discovered he can climb on the couch without a boost up now and I’ve been chasing him all damn day! Then the missing diaper baby did it again after his nap only this time it was spread everywhere! Their dad is working a second job after his day job tonight so it’s all me with no break until I put them to bed for the night which is still an hour and a half out. I still have to put the crib stuff in the dryer from the wash and then make up his crib again. All this bitching doesn’t even include the usual juice cups, bottles, feeding, changing diapers. I’m so just done with today!