My husbands birthday!

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We found out we were pregnant the day before my husbands birthday .

Long story short, we have been TTC for a year. I made appointments for different docs and found out i have a prolactinoma, causing my hormones to not function. I was prescribed meds to diminish the size. The dr told me it would be a miracle to become pregnant without meds. Welp, i became pregnant the week prior taking the medications. I can’t put my finger on how far along i am i could be anywhere from 5 to 6.6-7 weeks .. my last blood test on the 7th said my levels were 1750. My last menstrual cycle was aug 24th from what i remember!! At this point i don’t know! Oh and also my husbands insurance lapses on the 17th. He’s changing employers and i won’t have insurance until dec or January :(

Either way God is good we are so blessed for this little munchkin growing inside 😍🥰😘

I also am sick right now and i don’t know why!!