Will pregnancy ever end?


This happened a few days ago but just thought I’d share 😂

It’s seriously time to have this baby, I am losing it...

A few nights ago, I wasn’t feeling good, was having cramps and could not sleep for anything. It was about 2:30 am and I was like forget it,

I’m going to get up and wash my hair and take a bath. (I just colored my hair a few days prior).

So whatever. I get in the shower and I’m scrubbing my head with my eyes closed, rinse out the shampoo and I open my eyes, look down and all I see is red blood all over the bottom of the shower. I absolutely freaked out thinking my water broke or something was wrong. I get my towel and scurry for my phone to call L&D and I walk back into the bathroom to take a better look at the situation, I notice that this blood is also all over the tub wall and curtain....guys, it was my freaking hair dye 🙃 I jumped back in the shower and continued like nothing happened. I was shaking because I was in such panic 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 it’s time to have this baby. I can’t deal anymore