Feeling depressed or something.

Anybody else work really hard to get to where you are, but feel stuck still? I just busted my ass getting through nursing school and passing my boards to become a nurse and I'm having a really hard time finding a job. I feel like a failure cause I'm 26, don't have my own car, and I'm living with my sister. I know everyone has a different path to take but I graduated in July and just got my nursing license 10/7/19 but I've been applying for jobs before taking my nclex. And I feel terrified to even get a nursing job. I feel like I'm not gonna know what to really do and screw up completely. Does anyone have any advice?


Volunteering is nice and all, but I need money! That's my issue right now.. need to buy a car and move out if my sister's house. And I'm an LPN, not sure about internships. I've searched jobs up to 50 miles from where I live and gave seen nothing about them. And sadly LPNs don't get hired in our local hospitals. I've applied at the city ones and haven't heard anything.