Gender confusion 😳 such a mental game!


So, when I was 13 weeks I did a scan where they told me boy and we could se a little triangle between his legs. She said “don’t paint the nursery yet, but this looks like a boy”. Fast forward to 18 weeks 5 days. Anatomy scan. Baby was holding his legs shut and wouldn’t change position of his legs. New anatomy scan required at 20+6 to get a better look at his heart (free chance to find out gender as well🤞🏼). Baby was more cooperative but still the same with the legs. The sonographer tried at the beginning, during the middle and spent 10 minutes at the end trying to get baby to move. She said “to me this looks more like a girl than a boy, to miss the boys genitals over and over is less likely than just not seeing girl parts for sure, BUT I can’t confirm either”.

I’ve been calling my son a “he” up until yesterday and I’m officially going crazy!😂 our due date is 29.2.20, (leapyear baby❤️) and I’m booking a fourth ultrasound on my birthday the 31. Of October. I’ll be 23+1 at that point. If they still can’t tell I’ll take it as a sign from above.