Black out Story

So yesterday...

I woke up feeling a little off. Got my son ready and myself ready to go out. I eat some breakfast. Then we put on our coats and went on our journey. We got to the train station, paid for my ticket. My son was sitting opposite me.

Suddenly I started getting hot while just sitting down on a bench ... I took my coat off. I started doing my breathing exercises and lent my head back on the hair. Tired calling my self down but moving my hands, getting some air to my face as I was dipping with sweat.

Minutes later, a lady was came over to me saying "are you okay".. "do you need an ambulance"... "Are you in labour"

Suddenly got my self awake and saw I was on the floor... With my legs in a weird position and holding my belly.. Trying to breathe. I couldn't remember how I got on the floor. I looked over to see if my son was still there.. Thankfully he was. The lady offered me water and stayed with me. She said "can you get up" literally tired and I couldn't move my legs... It was like my body was telling me something. The lady said to me "is there anyone I can call to come help me" I was silent and sat there thinking about who's closes to me. I phone my partner told him what happen, he said "I needed to go the hospital", so I started ringing numbers to get myself there. I then rang my auntie to ask if she came with me and my son to the hospital.

So she meet me at station where I stayed sitting down. We got on the train together and set off on a journey. We got to the hospital and went to deliverery suite, it felt like forever waiting to be seen.

Hours and hours of waiting I finally got seen.

Blood pressure and temperature was taken. I explained what happened today by the lady who helped me so much. The midwife said "I need to wait to see a doctor" so back to the waiting it was.

Finally my name got called to see the doctor. She hooked me up to a machine to test baby heartbeat and any contractions I was having. She when out of the room and left me on the machine for an hour. Half an hour went past and she bought another lady in asking questions about how it all happened, I got only answer what I believed what happened as I completely black out and unsure how I ended up in the floor. She went out of the room, then come back ask me again on how it happened.

They then took my blood pressure again and my temperature. My temperature was very high and also did a test on my sugar levels which they came back very low. She again took my heart rate said that my heart rate was really high and last time she took it was really low.

They have transferred me to have a heart scan on my heart but its a long waiting list and could be after I had the baby. They need to know why I had a black out and if it happens again to call ambulance to get checked over. They finally released me so I go home.

This has now scared me...

But girls you need to listen to your bodies. If your body is hungry then eat... If your thirsty then drink some water. Today the first day I've listen to mine and what my body needs... Sugar, water and a nap.