The SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) pt.15

That night was rough to say the least. Andy was able to get in the van, Robby & Kyle got the girls & they all were able to get away. Autumn looked back at her house as they drove off. It was just a house. Most people envied it, but Autumn looked at it as a prison. Sure it was beautiful, but she felt entrapped within its walls. She held on tight to her daughters & explained to them that they were going somewhere safe & somewhere happy. Louella was on board, but it took Charlotte some time to adjust. Autumn looked at Andy with worry. She placed her hand on his face.

Autumn: Thank you.

Andy: You’re safe now, Autumn.

Andy reached over to kiss Autumn.

Andy: I’ll keep you & the girls safe. You know that I love you. And now I’ll love your girls as my very own.

Andy held on to Autumn & both girls throughout the drive to Andy’s grandma’s house. Robby & Kyle thought the fight was exciting, but knew they could be in danger. They took Andy & the girls to his grandma’s house because it was a safe place.

Andy got out of the car & knocked on his grandma’s door.

Mimi: Andy, what are you doing here?

Autumn & the girls stood behind him wrapped in blankets.

Andy: Hey Mimi. Sorry it’s late.

Mimi: Oh my goodness, let’s get these babies out of the cold. Come in! Come in!

Andy: Thanks, Mimi.

Mimi: You owe me an explanation, young man.

Andy: Yes, ma’am.

Mimi showed Autumn a room for the girls & another room for her & Andy. The girls went right back to sleep. Autumn & Andy spent the next couple of hours explaining things to Mimi. Mimi understood & supported all they were saying. Andy’s parents had a domestic dispute years ago. His dad ended up in jail & his mom ended up overdosing on her depression medication. Andy didn’t want the same thing happening to Autumn. Mimi took Andy in when he was just a little boy & raised him with Andy’s Pop Pop before he passed away.

You may be wondering what happened to John. Autumn called the cops on him & filed a domestic abuse charge. They shortly after game the house, found him on the front porch & arrested him.

Andy moved out of his loft apartment & moved into Mimi’s house with Autumn & the girls. Autumn & John finally got a divorce. It was around Christmas time & everyone was over at Mimi’s house. Stephanie, the SAHM club, Andy’s band, Autumn’s daughters, Mimi & her restaurant staff. They were singing carols around Mimi’s piano. Andy was at the piano when suddenly, he stopped playing & pulled out a small box. He turned to look at Autumn. She was speechless! She covered her mouth with both hands. Andy got down on one knee. Everyone around waited in anticipation. The SAHM was crying tears of joy.

Andy: Autumn, I love you with every fiber of my being. And I don’t want to spend the rest of my life not being yours forever. I want to be only yours & for you to be only mine. Will you make me the happiest man alive & marry me?

Autumn started to tear up & nodded. She removed her hands from her mouth.

Autumn: Yes!!

Andy placed the ring on her finger. She jumped into his arms & they both kissed. Everyone around them cheered & congratulated them.

Andy was more than a lover to Autumn. He was her best friend. He was her protector. He was her hero. Andy soon shared his dark past with Autumn. He used to abuse drugs & spiraled into a deep dark place, but so did she. They were both so reliant on drugs that they couldn’t be their true selves. Andy learned how to play the guitar & sing & that’s what brought him out of his drug abuse. Autumn spent day to day being depressed & discouraged. It wasn’t until she met Andy that she actually started enjoying life & start living. She accepted him for who he was & who he is now. He rescued her from her abusive situation & shower her what true love was.

Months late they were married. Only close family & friends were there. It was joyous occasion. The ceremony was held down by the shore by the river where they had their first date. Charlotte & Louella were the flower girls. Stephanie’s son, Austin was the ring bearer. Mimi officiated the wedding. Andy was dressed in a suit for the first time in his life & Autumn wore a gorgeous pink dress. Andy cried as he watched his beautiful bride walk down the aisle. When she reached the altar, Kyle handed Andy his guitar & Andy sang Autumn a song he wrote. It was the song he wrote after their first night together. Everyone was in tears after he sang, especially Autumn.