What is going on with me?!


I know I should be seeing a doctor but it's the weekend and I can't make an appointment until they open on monday. Was hoping maybe someone else has gone through the same thing.

I got married September 14th 2019. We went on our honeymoon on the 17th. We have been having unprotected sex since the 18th of September. September 27 I got my period (I'm 80% sure it was my period. I had period cramps that were lighter than usual and bleeding was normal) According to my apps, on october 6th we had unprotected sex during my most likely chance to get pregnant. (Yay!) And about a week after that I had light pink spotting! I was getting really hopeful. I never spot or bleed before my period. My period is always on time and I always know when im getting it.. so this was a shock to me. I started getting weird cramps (not like period cramps) and I was spotting very little! Only when I wiped. Well fast forward a couple days and now that light pink spotting is very red.. and watery and enough to drip into the the toilet. I have also had bad nausea for the past couple of days. My period is due to come in 4 days. I have no idea what to think. I know it's still too early to take an at home test. But I've never had this before. Anyone else been through this or have any idea what is going on?!