Late period, negative test, lots of cramping & VERY confused!


I have two kids and we are not trying for a third, we are in fact booked in for a vasectomy and I’ve just started selling my baby items!

My cycle is 26days and I am on day 29 and no sign yet. I have had cramping for a week coming and going, which is what is making me worry as I had lots of cramping like this in all of my early pregnancies. I’ve taken pregnancy tests and they are negative, I am pretty sure it would show by now (after missed period date) so I have no idea what is going on?

Possibly tmi but I was also very ‘up for it’ the last few days when usually that’s the last thing on my mind around the time of my period, I was also super like that with my second child. Any input from anyone? Could your body know to miss a period before implantation & hcg rising to show on a test? All my pregnancies were very strong positives at this point on tests and there isn’t the faintest line on any I have taken, I’m very confused!