Clawing me whilst nursing


My 7 month old has never been a good feeder and it’s nothing new for him to be crying whilst I’m trying to feed him but the last month or so he’s just been screaming, grabbing pinching, pulling scratching my boobs to the point I look like a cat has attacked me. He literally just grabs hold of my nipple and won’t let go. It’s so painful and I’m just sick of it 😭

I’m seriously debating having to bottle feed him because I don’t know how much more of this I can put up with because it’s every single feed. I don’t want to bottle feed him not because I have anything against formula but honestly I’ve not had to wash and sterilise bottles for 7 months and I’d rather not start now. Props to moms who formula feed because that is a lot of washing, sterilising and preparing bottles single every day!