Who thinks septum piercings are beautiful.. i need some positive support! 🙌


So I've wanted a nose piercing for years, I'm 21, and i finally got my septum done two days ago. And while i love it I've been feeling a bit unsure/insecure because of the amount of people that don't like it.

My best friend loves it and my boyfriend actually loves it too, he's the one that really pushed for me to get it and I'm really happy that he thinks its so sexy. But basically everyone else in my life has strongly expressed their dislike for my new piercing and its hard to not to let it get to me. I have mainly guy friends and several already told me it looks trashy. And my family so far is in disapproval. I don't regret it because i love it and i feel more me than ever! I just wish i knew some more people who feel the same way and think they're just as beautiful