I should have known it was too good to be true. 😞


**TW: Chemical Pregnancies**

I woke up the morning of my expected period and to my surprise, I got this very, very faint line on a First Response test.

I’m 10 months postpartum, and my husband and I aren’t opposed to the idea of another kid this soon, so we were excited, but hesitant.

You see, before I got pregnant with my son, we suffered a heart-wrenching chemical pregnancy that we lost at 6 weeks. It destroyed me. But then 6 months later I got pregnant again and that time, it took, resulting in our beautiful son.

Then last month, I got the faintest line on a couple tests, but it was super inconsistent. Then my period started. Another chemical. Sure, it hurt. But we’ve learned these things are out of our hands.

And now, getting this faint but present line, and then seeing it get darker the next day, I was hopeful.

But this morning I got up to take another test.

It’s blank. No line. Nothing. It’s happening again and this time I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to handle it again. Just waiting and waiting for my period to start. It’s gut-churning.

Here’s to all of the mamas and wanting-to-be mamas. We’re in this together. 💔

A photo of our faint positive: