I was reading some things in a bi-sexual forum one day and the question was about what word to use - tribbing or scissoring. And here’s the definition of each plus frottage. All close to the same but different. I learned a little something.

Scissoring is what you see in porn. Legs at opposing angles, bodies apart, looking at one another in the eye but no where near close enough to kiss. The body contact is primarily the labia and vaginal opening. Both women are sitting or lounging. Neither one can easy touch the other's breasts, or upper body. The only clitoral contact is through hand stimulation. I've never known women who want or do this on a regular basis. It seems to be a turn on for people who like to watch two women together.

 Frottage is where the legs or other body parts are intertwined as the women embrace and both women have clitoral stimulation from the other's thighs (or whatever). Faces are usually close together to kiss. You can touch other body parts with hands or caress. Someone might be "on top" or "on "bottom" or could be side to side. Orgasm is easy for both women to achieve as is there is constant clitoral stimulation. Straight people call this "dry humping" disparagingly. But, with two women, I've found it to be common, popular, and adored.

Tribbing is very close to frottage but with direct contact clit to clit instead of thigh to clit. One partner, usually the bottom, has to spread her legs wide or wrap them around her partner The top has to angle herself to position both women's clits in direct contact. Side to side is almost impossible with this one. The orgasms with this position can be powerful. For women who experience it, this is usually the favorite sex act. It is rare to see this in porn, but when it happens it's just a crotch shot.