Pregnant before first cycle post MC 😬


Firstly - holy crap. I know I should be excited but I am absolutely terrified. Also shouldn’t be surprised bc I was <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> and testing out.

But I had a D&C after a missed miscarriage about six weeks ago at 9 weeks. This was after trying for over a year unsuccessfully and two IUIs. (One of the hardest things we have ever went through, and I am with you all who are reading this.)

I have not actually had my first period, and my doctor recommended that we wait one cycle - which I did not. I am due Wednesday. And now I am kicking myself as I am terrified that my body is not ready. I am actually going to keep this a secret from my husband until I do another test on wed and get blood work done next Friday. But it took about 16 months to get pregnant the first time - how does this even happen.

I have so much anxiety around this - totally different experience after a miscarriage when you know that nothing is certain until your baby is in your arms. If I have a sticky bean I know it’s going to be a long 9 months.

Anyone have advice on how they are managing the anxiety around a second pregnancy following a loss? Also how worried should I be about this pregnancy if it sticks? Obviously still REALLY early and can be a chemical.

Also baby dust to you all.