How do you leave without looking back?

I didn’t realize how toxic my husband was until last night. I was in tears all night long because of how hateful and how controlling he can be. He was so very mean. Snapping, yelling, and cussing at me. I have had depression because my parents want nothing to do with me anymore due to issues that I have going on with my marriage and step kid. My step child is in CPS care because she had told CPS (7yrs) that we were beating her and etc. She’s very manipulative and she lies so much too. My husband was telling me that he will be the only man that will love me since my dad isn’t showing that he does. He kept yelling at me saying that. I told him I want my dads love too. Just like he loves the hell out of my sister and then my husband decides to play the dead mom card on me. How do I leave him when I have no car and no place to go? What am I supposed to tell CPS why I left him? I do have a part time job. We have a joint banking account.