Is this a sign of ovulation??

Someone please help and see if this is a sign of ovulation or not? I’ve never done temps or the ovulation strips because with my son, it just happened the first month and wasn’t planned so wasn’t checking anything. Just started TTC so haven’t got bbt thermometer or ovulation strips just yet. Never noticed cm either, I was either dry, super creamy or super watery.. I have heard of the stretchy egg like cm means fertile and tonight I felt tons of cm but it’s white and creamy but when I stick my finger down there to get some, this is also what was down there but not tons of the stretchy clear kind. I got off my birth control a few months ago and my period is 17 days late but I was getting negative pregnancy test so I ruled that out plus I only had sex unprotected once during September since we wasn’t trying just yet. I know some people are going to say “you can’t ovulate without having a period” but I talked to my OB last week and she has told me that is simply not true and you can have random ovulation especially when you haven’t had a period in months or regular periods which is happening to me since coming off birth control. So does is this look like ovulation is coming?? Like I said, I have never had this kind of cm before! Also I checked my cervix and it feels high but I can’t tell if it’s firm or soft, still getting the hang of what it feels like as well.