I hate high school


Hi, my name is Hannah I’m a senior in high school and lately I’ve been really struggling in school. This year started out great and then slowly all my anxiety and stress have been snowballing and I’m falling apart in school. My grades are fine. But my mental health isn’t good. I need a break from school and the people at school. Before I loose it all and drop out. But I don’t know how to convince my mom and dad to let me have a break. They know I have anxiety and they know about the stress I’m having lately but my parents care so much about my attendance at school. An example of my stress and anxiety is today. I lost it in school and couldn’t stop crying. I had to go to the counselor and tell her why. I just wanted nothing more than to go home but of course my parents wouldn’t let me. But it’s hard for me to explain it’s not that I want to skip school it’s that I need a break from the people that torment me and spread rumors about me in school. So how do I tell them?


So I just started going to a counselor every week and it’s been getting so much better. Everyone was worried for me; teachers, students that don’t know me, school counselors. But I’m doing so much better you can definitely see a difference in my everyday life and how I go about. If you haven’t ever been to counseling but have considered it for any reason... GO!!! Now is you’re chance. If I hadn’t started going I think life wouldn’t be going smooth or life wouldn’t be a thing to me anymore. I deal with very very bad anxiety and depression and counseling has really helped me. I always thought it would be weird to open up to someone who doesn’t know a thing about me. But I did and I already feel good. I can only imagine what its gonna be like in a month!

Also thanks to everyone who commented I love reading you’re stories and know I’m not alone in this world with my problems!!