I’m torn, please help me make up my mind.

So right now my C-section is scheduled for 39wks which is October 29th (less than a week, super ready and excited).. if I move my c-section date to after November 2nd I can qualify for short term disability at my work and maybe get 80% of my pay while I’m on my maternity leave (not 100% guaranteed Ill get approved). My FIL will only be visiting the 29th-2nd so if i push it back he won’t be here to see his grand baby and probably won’t be able to meet him until next fall. I’m honestly not sure if they will let me move my date back but if they will let me choose.. what would y’all do!? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I feel selfish either way, waiting it out for money or having him here sooner.

(This is a repeat c-section because I have very large babies and vaginal delivery is no longer safe at this point in my pregnancy)

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