Boyfriend gets mad...


So my boyfriend gets mad/grumpy when I make plans to hangout with my friends. We’ve been together a year and my close girlfriends I still see often, but my other group of friends that is comprised of mostly guys (who all have their own girlfriends, that I hangout with as well) I haven’t seen much. The reason for that is because whenever I make plans/get invited to something with them my boyfriend gets all grumpy and mad at me. For example, it’s one of my guy friends birthdays this weekend, so we got invited to his house for drinks. My boyfriend & I had planned to go to the city this weekend either Saturday or Sunday but didn’t have a day picked out so I asked him if it mattered to him which day we went because we were invited for drinks. He got all upset and said he was mad because anytime him & I have plans I ditch him as soon as I can. We live together, and I can assure you I don’t ditch him all the time. If I’m not at work or the gym, I’m hanging out with him. Last night I got invited for a drink by one of the girlfriends of my guy friends after I played volleyball and I had to lie & say I forgot my wallet because I knew he would get mad if I went and I didn’t want to rock the boat.

Then to add, when I try to ask why he gets mad at me about hanging out with my friends he says he doesn’t, but it is very clear he is upset in the time.

My dad is pretty controlling of my mom & she doesn’t hang out with her friends much so I seen this growing up and I thought it was so dumb that she wouldn’t stand up for herself. Now I’m in the same position and I don’t know what to do about it. I want to rationally talk to him and not have it turn into a big fight but I feel like often times I come across as bitchy so it does turn into a fight. Does anyone have any advice/similar situations?