Need unbiased opinions

I dont have alot of friends. And well my mother is biased in this topic.

Im thinking about telling my BF of 9 years i want to leave. Or at least take a break for a year. We have 3 kids. Youngest is 2. Before i start listing my issues, I need everyone whoe reads this to know I have absolutly talked to him about everything we have had multiply conversations about it all he will change for all of 2 weeks this were back at square 1. I dont stand still and be quite if he does something that i believe is uncalled for i speak up in that moment.

So heres where my problems are

-hes a negative nancy....literally everytime i have an idea or say something he shoots it down or rebutles it with a negative friggen comment

-he always has to be right.....or have his opinion be the right opinion

-mansplaining all the time even if i already know

-hes vocal about how much he hates my mom...... we planned a sunday with me and him and the kids to go to the zoo and my nephew and mom werent doing anything so i invited them and he got pissy cause it was suppose to be a "family" day but my nephew and mom are family? So i dont get it

-he puts his xbox first. Before cleaning cooking etc (hes uneployed a sahd)

-he yells alot and triggers a lot of my anxiety from child hood trauma

-he is always on something sort of device/internet he has a addiction to it.

There are more put those are the ones top off me head.

Lastly I am unhappy! And honestly i dont know where to go from here.

He see nothing wrong with everything ive listed we have talked and talked and talked and nothing chanyes just a bad cycle of fix it then go back into it then get fed up and fix it again. I want to break the cycle.