Unwell am I peeing or leaking water? πŸ€”πŸ™„

I woke up unwell today with a bad chest & cough, so I put a pad on this morning as we all know at 36 weeks pregnant a bad cough can lead to some bladder issues.

Well everytime I cough I'm soaked & it happens when I stand up or move position too. I was just stood there & I felt a gush it soaked my pad & pants then another time while running my bath I had another leak down my leg, i didnt cough either time it also happened while I was on the toilet thought I needed to pee but didnt feel like I did pee but it just kept running out.. I've got a blocked nose so cant smell to see if I peed or not. It also happened 3 times in the bath.. I've had to change my pads 8 times since I woke up (9 hours)

What's the chances that my waters are leaking & it's not just pee? So embarrassing asking this but my hubby isn't home till 2pm tomorrow & I'm by myself with all the kids & 5 hour drive from closest family, I dont know anyone here as only live here 3 months so no-one I would trust to watch kids to get checked out.

I dont want to worry my husband if I'm just peeing myself with been unwell thanks for reading & advice, I will get checked out tomorrow just to be sure

Update** so I spoke to midwife & she said was fine to wait as no labour had started.. in for test in few hours once hubby is home, will update on out come still having gushes & tummy has gone abit flat & odd shaped definitely looking smaller today πŸ™„ not sure if that means anything but I'm sure they'll check everything out later 🀞 fingers crossed baby has just moved & I've just lost all bladder control 🀣🀣