Thinking about a second child!


I’m thinking about have a second child. I’m sure my husband is, he always talks about having another one.

I’ve always been the one to say “no more kids” until lately.

I just want my daughter to have someone to play with, she’s a very good kid, we are extremely blessed and proud of her. She will be 2 in March 2020. And although she is spoiled rotten, she is absolutely the best ever, as far as eating and sleeping, and being just so darn sweet.!!!! If I were to try to have a baby, it won’t be until she’s 2 years old when I try to conceive. That way she is almost 3 when I go to give birth. Our kids will have a 3 year difference. And I think that’s a perfect time to bring in a second child(in my opinion) just cause she could help mommy with the baby and just feel like a good big sister. As long as we keep her on the right track of being nice and sweet, I think she would be a wonderful big sister. And I want her to have someone to play with. My husband wants a son, and I want to give him a son..but it’s a 50/50 chance lol.

And my mind is also 50/50 about the second child thing 😂 idk.

Pro & Cons?????