Sibling Count Stories


I like watching videos on Tik Tok which is an app kinda like Vine or Musically. Anyways, they have this little trend where they say "It all started when my mom met my Dad and they fell in love, and had me...." Or "didn't fall in love and had.." it just depends on how your story goes! It basically tells the story of your siblings, such as how many you have and how they came along. Then it ends with "Hi I'm _______ and my life is kinda crazy." Some of those stories are in fact pretty crazy, but some of them are pretty normal too.

This is how mine would go:

"It all started when my mom met my Dad and they fell in love, and had me then my brother. My Dad also had a daughter who was much older from his first marriage then when I was in 7th grade, we all found out that my Dad had another daughter with his first wife but didn't know about her. Then my parents got divorced and my mom remarried to a man with 5 children and then my dad remarried to a woman with one child. Hi, I'm Lexie and my life, is kinda crazy."

That's how I went from 2 siblings to 9!

The age range is also interesting.

Keelie (27), Skylar (25), Tyler (23), Brock (20), Brianna (19), Dawn (19), Me (19), Drake (17), Lexus (16), Dakota (10).

How many siblings do you guys have? Do you have any crazy stories? I figured this would be something fun to do if your bored or are just tired about hearing drama.