As anyone asked their ped?


My son seems to be slimming out

He seems to wet enough diapers in the day and he seems content, as in, not hungry

I lack him as much as I can When we are home

And i know I’m producing enough bc I can pump an additional 4-5 oz a day

But he just doesn’t seem as hungry as he used to be and he seems to be getting thinner

I know he’s supposed to be gaining 1 1/2 lbs- 2lbs per month

And at his last appointment he was 13 lbs and 2 oz

I know my scale is often off on my weight

So I don’t really trust it to tell his weight (by weighting myself and then weighing myself holding him)

But it’s been almost 2 months since my last appointment and according to my scale, he’s only approx 15 lbs 6oz

Has anyone asked their ped about coming in to get their baby weighed? Does it cost anything?

I know he’s due for an appointment soon, but I just get really concerned about whether or not he’s eating enough since I can’t see how much he is eating