Would you be upset if your partner didn’t go to the hospital or emotionally support you

I’m currently pregnant with a very active baby. I mean super active. Yesterday though I stopped feeling her move from 1pm onwards and I was getting worried. My boyfriend and I had sex at around 12 and I felt a gush of water and got scared my water broke (usually I get wet down there but this just felt like extremely wet). And since having sex I hadn’t felt her move much. It got to 11pm and I couldn’t sleep from the worry. I woke him up pretty much in tears and was like I want to go to the hospital to get checked out since she’s usually always kicking away and I had an off feeling about it. Anyways he said yeh alright if you want and rolled over and went back to sleep. I texted my mum who said I should go to the doctors to get checked out to at least stop stressing. I left my boyfriends at 11:30pm and my mum accompanied me and we got sent through the the maternity ward where they were super understanding and caring for my concerns and said I did the right thing coming in. After a few checks, baby is all happy and healthy! She’d moved position fully. And since arriving back home I’ve felt her kicking constantly again.

Anyways would you be upset if your partner didn’t emotionally support you and come to the hospital?

He hasn’t even rung me the next morning yet to check on how everything went (it’s 9am and he wakes up at 6:30). I would have been heartbroken if I had received bad news and to of not had him there with me would have been really difficult. So I’m a bit upset.

(We’ve been having a lot of issues lately regarding him not actually being supportive, me being the one who’s had to buy everything baby related, and him causing a lot of stress through him being controlling and that).

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