TTC with pcos and clomid!


So for the past 3 1/2 years my husband and I have been ttc. I was diagnosed with pcos when I was 15. I am now 24. I’ve dealt with it all from the excessive hair growth, acne, weight gain, you name it. I’ve been going to the doctor for the past 2 1.2 years. The first one was just saying lose weight nothing more nothing less. The second I liked a lot better. Found out my thyroid was all out of wack so I went ahead and had a total thyroidectomy July 2018. Finally got my thyroid levels right a few months later. After my thyroid surgery my then gyno said that’s all he could do besides send me to a specialist 2 1/2 hours away. So I heard from a lot of people about this one local dr and how he’s helped a lot of women become pregnant! So I set up my first appt with him! He has gave me answers! The first appt he did a vaginal ultra sound. He said that I have about 50-70 cysts on my ovaries, and I don’t ovulate on my own(which I already knew). So he decides to put me on clomid 50mg and metformin. I went back for vag ultrasound to see if I had a mature follicle and I did! My husband was out of town the time of ovulation so it sucked that month.😢 The second month I was on the same dosage and it did nothing at all.. so he upped my dosage and I went back Monday and he seen TWO mature follicles on my right ovary!! I am in the middle of ovulation and I have been doing everything I could think of to become pregnant! I’m really praying to God that this is our month for a BFP!!!!!♥️♥️ Y’all pray for me! Thank you!!♥️😘